Sports Eyewear

Poor eyesight should never hinder an active lifestyle. When engaging in sports and various activities, normal glasses will not work. They can put you and others in danger and hinder your athletic abilities. Hospital emergency rooms treat 40,000 eye injuries annually, which are all sports-related! Sports goggles are a widely accepted part of everyday life, much like helmets are essential protection while riding a bike. Goggles can keep you or your child focused and safe!

Wearing protective eyewear for sports is beneficial in countless ways

Person wearing sports goggles with a bike helmet
  • Decreased risk of eye damage
  • Enhanced player performance
  • UV protection
  • Available for various types of sports and weather conditions
  • Specific lenses can be chosen for optimum performance
  • Mandatory for certain gym and fitness centers

The Importance of Sports Goggles

Crafted in a variety of shapes, sports eye gear is specialized to suit the specific needs of each respective sport. Many types of eyewear can be designed to fit into helmets, provided extra comfort and protection. Protective lenses are generally made from poly-carbonate, a durable and impact-resistant material that boasts full UV protection for outdoor action. Poly-carbonate lenses are also scratch-resistant, which is a valuable feature for many rough sports.

So up your game and head to Eyewear & Care now to guarantee that you are putting your best eyes forward during any kind of activity!