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We are proud to offer a wide-range of eyewear tailored to meet your unique needs.

We offer the latest in lens and frame technology available today.

Our professional and trained staff offers personal and skilled care to each patient.

Some of Our Featured Eye Wear Include:


Welcome to the living room of legendary eyewear designers ic! berlin: relax, while the staff perform a personal consultation, finding the best designer glasses for you. A great selection of feather-light screw less & flexible sunglasses & prescription frames.


What is Urband?

Beyond the eyewear collection, it is an invitation to the voyage. It is the "metissage" of the people, the music, the colors, the materials, the lifestyles, the ages the cities, the continents and the encounters.

It is you, it is us.

Wearing an Urband frame is going beyond the differences and the distances. Urband is a new look at the world.

Welcome to the world Optics.


It was only when the Danish optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg first needed spectacles himself that he became aware of what it was like to wear spectacles. The general approach was all too clear:"A spectacle frame is like a support you carry on your face- heavy, rigid and uncomfortable...

Starting out with the idea that it should be possible to make a spectacle that was more simple, attractive and functional Poul-Jorn Lindberg teamed up with architect Hans Dissing to design a different frame and a completely new eyewear concept.

That individualism led to the innovative design using the perfect metal- titanium. The lightness of LINDBERG eyewear is reflected in its design. All unnecessary details have been done away with and the frame is designed without screws, rivets or welds. It represents a beautiful example of Danish, minimalist design tradition and is eyewear that is not just worth looking out of- but also at. No other products in the world have won so many international design prizes as LINDBERG eyewear. A lightweight that has conquered the heavyweights of design.

Barton Perreira

The woman behind the eyewear veils of Oliver Peoples is now Barton Perreira. After an illustrious 18 years at Oliver Peoples, she and the company’s president, Bill Barton, branched off to combine their creative powers with Barton Perreira. Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira's approach to fashion redefines style and elegance. Patty Perreira's language of inspired design focuses on the evolution p[process and continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the next new thing.


Zero G Titanium refers to Zero Gravity or weightlessness, which speaks to the core of the brand. A collection that feels comfortable, balanced, secure, and weightless on the face, Zero G Titanium is hypoallergenic and 40% lighter than stainless-steel. All Zero G frames are constructed from a flat sheet of surgical-grade titanium with no screws or solder points. Zero G’s design focuses on classic, modern, and timeless shapes in rich colors and unique patterns.


Persol eye wear hold a long tradition of research and quality, a journey inspired by devotion to technological perfection, love for detail and loyalty to values. The glasses are still handcrafted, where quality and comfort play a major role.



Forever Paris! A shop, a story related to it, a constant source of inspiration, a way of living, a city deeply related to our identity.


World-leading company in eyewear design, Ørgreen is famous for their inventive approach to design and innovative colour combinations, utilising over 400 different hues. Designed and developed in Denmark, each frame is handmade in Japan, known and respected for its high standards and irrefutable quality. Individually crafted with more than 100 processes, each frame can take up to six months to achieve its penchant for perfection.

Martin & Martin

Martin & Martin creates very distinct designs with lots of attention to detail combined with many new ideas. All models are handmade in Germany & come with a spring hinge of the highest quality. Comfort and fit is exacting for demanding everyday wear.

Dolce & Gabbana


OGA & Lightec   Prada - Gucci

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